All of my paintings are Original and made by me, Nicole Turner.

Please be sure to measure your space to be sure that will fit your space. If you need a larger or a smaller size you are welcomed to request a custom piece. If you need other colors please let me know that too!

All of my paintings will come with a signed Certificate of Authenticity and signature on the back. They will also be numbered if it is a Limited Series Edition.

Sides are painted.  No framing needed as the sides are painted.

The painting arrives READY TO HANG. Hardware is attached. I do this to ensure that the art is not squished as most of my pieces are 3D and they are very delicate.  Hardware includes: 2 D-rings screwed onto back of canvas, Heavy-gauge hanging wire and 2 bumper pads to protect your wall and shifting of painting over time.

My art is described accurately with color combinations stated in most listings, photographs are as accurate as possible. Variations are possible and colors vary from one computer monitor to another which makes it almost impossible for the painting to look the same on every computer.

PLEASE - DO NOT accept shipment until you have inspected it for damage! (just incase).  Do not sign for it if it has been damaged.  FedEx will return it to me. 

If you do have any issues, please contact me and we can talk about it. Most all issues are resolvable.

Most paintings are ONE-OF-A-KIND and cannot be duplicated. I mix my own colors and to get them to match exact is nearly impossible, as well as getting the paint to lay the same way again.  I can make similar paintings upon request. 

Thank you.