Powell Project Done!

I had this wonderful idea for a painting.  It was out of my normal abstract art realm but I wanted to give it a go.  I knew it was going to be another massive undertaking.  I started this project 9/26/2013.  

The picture idea was going to be Jesus, but I couldn't get the picture just the way I wanted. Then I thought about doing my daughter.  I knew it would always go to the back burner because it was for myself.  Then in the mail came a Save the Date invitation from a close co-worker.  I played around with the image and it was perfect!   

2 days of playing with the image, 1 day to nail down the color scheme (I got it down to 7 colors), 1 week to organize it and figure exactly how much paint I was going to need to make and a couple more days to mix my colors!!  


It started out with 4400+ coils.  Lots and lots and lots of coils.  Soon after I started working on these coils I realized this was going to take ALOT longer than I had first anticipated....meaning more time and more costs.  I decided to cut the coils in half.  I would only need to make 2200 actual coils now.


My first block.....6x6 coils blocks.  Breaking it down into manageable pieces helped in getting it all done without confusing myself! 


Many blocks are coming along!  Doesn't look like much at this time....a few weeks from now the image will start to resemble a human's face!


The beginnings of her face!  I already feel like I have been working on this for a LONG time!!  I keep trucking ahead knowing this is going to turn out amazing! 


Oh how pretty!  I am starting to get excited!  I am almost done with her face and just finished his eye and part of his head!


To make it simpler I started organizing each square and all colored coils into a cups (above) instead of pulling from the box of colors (below) .  This made it super easy to squeeze in time before I had to run out the door to get a few put together.


It is coming along....looking awesome!  I have decided that I am not going to make all the dark coils for the background.  I am going to paint the board that color instead.  It will save me on time and paint.  It will also give the painting some depth as well as give it a visual break.


Painting all done!!!!!!  Board is painted. I am using a board instead of canvas.  Canvas would not be able to support this much paint.  I have decided to add a painted wooden border.  It will looked finished, but she will be able to frame it later if she wants too.


The Powell's.  

They loved it!  I loved making it. !

It took 190+ hours with in a 4 month window & many gallons of paints.  There ended up being over 3600 coils to make this image!


I am already starting my next one!