I am so excited!  I submitted 4 pictures to Contemporary Art Fair last month.  I found out about it not to long prior to when I submitted it, and thought about it for weeks.  I decided what the hay….what have I got to lose?  So I did, and I got in!

This changes a lot for me.  I am moving past just working and selling out of my studio.  Now, I must make sure and update my social media, keep up with my blog, photo all paintings!  I have tired over the year to make sure and update my sites.  I will say, it is hard to work, take care of family, their sports, get in studio time AND…do the social media thing.  However, I know that I must do this now.  People who don’t know me or my circle of friends will be looking at my site.  I won’t have an opportunity to meet them and talk to them about my art.  So, my site is going to have to be in tip-top shape.  Also, I will be posting more on my blog.  Keeping it up to date and all the new stuff I am making and places the world can see my goodies!

So keep posted from more information to come!

Click above to see more about the Art Fair!