The Wall 

~ Nicole Turner and Nick Kolbek

I must say, I am pretty impressed with myself!  I had a vision in my head and a sketch on paper.  As time went on, a few things changed.  I am 100% happy with the way this turned out!

100% Acrylic on supports.  Yes, that is 'vines' of acrylic paint!!  It was crazy amazing how it all evolved.

A huge Thank You to Ms Martha Gordon and Ms Suzanne Perez.  Professers at Tarrant County College.  They invited me and my son, Nick to do an installation after we stopped by for a critic on a few of my works.  To my son Nick, for stand by me, all of the late nights, blisters and frustation - Thank you and I love you!

It was on display from March 24th thru May 7th, 2012.