Week One of The Wall

This weekend I was pretty productive in getting all my supplies.  I spent a few hours in Home Depot (thank you Phil) with my sketchbook and layout.  Phil and I talked about my plan and the best way to achieve the finished product.  Since I am doing the installation at the college there are restrictions as to how I hang it.  I do not want to destroy the wall of the school, so weight will be an issue.  The base at the foot can be heavy and stable.  The box that will supporting most of the paint and vines needs to be tough enough to support the weight, but not weight much its self.  All in all, I think we have it worked out.  Phil took the time to cut my wood to the exact measurements I need.  It was great!

 I also placed an order with my wholesaler for my acrylic paint and mediums.  I spent a few days doing the calculations and finances.  I will probably blow thru the budget I originally had planned.  The picture below is only the acrylic polymer.  I ordered more as well as 1280 oz of acrylic paint.  I think I will have to place another order for that as well.  Only time will tell.  It is not an exact science - but there is a method to the madness in which this is created.  Time, temp and weight all play a factor in how the paint parts will be created for the The Wall.  I am nervous and excited!!
Sunday I spent 10+ hours working on mixing my paint and preparing it for its use!  I think I have spent 34 hrs on it total so far and I am only on day 3!  Yikes.  God Bless my husband and my children for there support during this process.  As well as my sidekick Nick.  I am glad he is helping me out some.