Shipping and Handling

Wow.....I have been painting and selling my art for years.  I have always kept it local and never had to ship any of my work. Since I am wanting to expose my art to more people and use the tools available to me.....facebook,, my blog and Etsy, I will inevitably be shipping my art work.

I have been researching and gathering samples of foam and boxes.  I am not quite comfortable with a professional packer.  My pieces are unique and are not able to be shipped like a traditional painting.  I consider my work...a sculpted painting.  It is 3D, therefor not able to wrap in bubble wrap and stick in a box.

I will add more information to my blog on how I am going to be shipping my art, once I settle on exactly which way I am going to go.  My husband is in the shipping and receive industry, so I am going to go with UPS.  He likes them better than FedEx for my needs.  Plus, UPS gives me a price quote online with the weight and dimensions of my package.  I like that.  I want to make sure that when I ship, I am charging the correct amount.

My plan as of now if to use a high corner protector with a piece of chipboard, then securely wrap it in a a layer of foam.  Insert this in a box.  Then place that box in a larger box with foam peanuts for cushion.  For my diptych and triptych pieces, I will layer them in the first box.  Instead of a 5" box, it will have to be a 10" or 15" box.  Again.....UPS, I can get an estimate by putting in my dimensions and weight so I am charging correctly.

More research and test runs to do before I make a order for shipping supplies!  Kinda excited!  One step closer to selling online!