New Camera

A few weekends ago I decided to invest in a new camera.  I was spending more time than I wanted to editing my pictures.  I could never get the picture to come out like I wanted or even close to true color. Bonus....I get to take better pictures of my kidos!
This past weekend, I was able to take a photo of almost all my paintings.  I took 2-5 shots of each one.  Most were great and few were not what I needed.  I spend 4 hours editing.  I was able to edit them, add my info, tag them and upload all of them in my flickr 4 hours!  I was super excited.  I think it was a total of 110 photos. 
With it going so smoothly.....I plan on uploading and editing every Sunday night.  Maybe I can cut it down to 30 mins if I do it weekly.
Picnik and Flickr and my favorite photo sites.  I don't need a ton of editing.....just a little tweaking to sharpen my image and crop it if it needs it. 
I bought a few stock photos a few months ago.  Photos of plain living rooms and bed rooms so I can display my pieces.  One day, I plan on using them too.