President's Day

Today was spent starting 3 projects.  I am so excited, and it is hard to be patient as the paint dries.  Many layers = many hours waiting.  I really need to practice more on my skins.  I did many of them over the weekend.  Some of them are so thick they are not yet ready to be peeled away.
I did however have to little fingers find thier way into my studio and 'swipe' fingers.  My 3 year old told me it was chocolate on his hands.  Did he not think that would get in him trouble too?  Lol.  They love to sit and watch me paint.  I really have to be in the mood for them to paint too....takes alot of time and patience....and soaking in the tub.  Once a week is enough for me.
I think I am going to make 'biz' cards.  Not your typical ones, a little bit bigger, but cards with my info on the back.  The front I am going to paint.  Not a design which would take too long, but an actual textured painted small card. Like a 2x3 size. Part gift, part marketing = all me!!
Love my job, love my kids, love my husband.....but I sure do love to paint and wish I could do it all day long!