Happy Valentine's Day to all!!

Today was somewhat productive.  After a hard day at work, I took my son and two 50% off coupons to Michael's.  I was able to purchase a big tub of brush soap and acrylic polymer cheaper than ordering from anywhere. He bought the polymer since he seems to use more than I do....even thou I paid for it. He has been painting with me almost every night the past few weeks.  His painting are quite good!  He has a nice blend....dad the football player/coach and mom the accountant by day and artist by night.  He is either going to be very confused.....or be very successful!!
I need to do some research on acrylic skins.  I love making them!  Coming up with different ways to do them, but when I do a thicker layer.....it cracks.  Not all the way thru the layer, but enough is no longer smooth.  I have worked it to my advantage, but I am wanting to learn how to do it without the cracking part for my control and variety.
Good night friends, my 3 year-old is wanting a back rub.....at this hour he should be sleeping!!  Ah, the joys of being a wife, mother, employee and artist........never a dull moment!