What a week it has been

This is has been one busy week.  Not much time for painting.  However, I am able to squeeze in 45 minutes here and there.  My three-year-old loves to sit on my lap and watch.  Yes, that is a challenge, but it is funny watching him get excited when I mix the colors.  I told my husband that we may have a emerging artist on our hands.  He said as long as he does it between practice and games.  Funny!

I took the 18 paintings that I did over the Holiday and showed my co-workers.  They all loved them.  Some even loved the ones that I was not very happy about the turn out.  I can't wait to finish the touch ups, sign and date and varnish them, take pictures and get them on my website.  I think that I have a very unique style.  I really don't know how I do it....it just comes to me.  I get so excited sometimes that I can't sleep.  I just lay awake and think of what I am going to do next.  What level can I push my self to next.

I think I may look into hiring someone to take pictures of my work.  My camera is not a great camera to capture all about my pieces. So, until I feel I can capture the essence of my paintings, I will hire someone to do it.

Tonight I think I am going to take a few just to get them on my blog. 

My wonderful husband just asked me if I am going to be able to finish the painting that I am working on tonight.  I am on the bigger canvas and it is a tedious piece.  I really hope I can finish it tonight.  After homework, dinner, bath time......I will get started.

My three love.....God, My Family and my ART! (and then sports - hehe)