Some people call me crazy! Sometimes I have to wonder if they are right…..

My husband and I have 6 wonderful kids. We had 5 boys, life was full, life was fun and by all means we were done! Apparently fate had other plan. We discovered we were pregnant again when our youngest son was 5 months old! We cried. We had adjusted mentally and emotionally with our unexpected addition, knowing one more child can only further enrich our lives and bring us that much more joy. Then without warning I developed a sub chorionic hematoma (a clot between my baby and me) and we almost lost our unexpected blessing. We cried. After many months of trepidation......our little beautiful little girl was born, finally completing our family. Again, we cried - but this time they were tears of joy and overwhelming love. She has been and is our miracle baby on many levels – she is our princess!

In the midst of life I turn to art and design for an outlet and escape. My love for art and design has been nurtured from an early age. My whole life has been surrounded by art, self expression and creativity. My mom is an artist with her own studio. Growing up she would often hold classes that I would often hangout in. As a young adult I indulged this side of my personality and attended UNT to study design. The irony of it all is by trade I am an accountant!

I have been able to establish a home studio. I call it “my cave”. This is where I go to de-stress and unwind after a full day of being a wife, mom and employee. This is where I rediscover myself. I can only hope you will love these expressions as much I love to make and share them, and that soon you too will become a friend of The Nicole Turner Studio.