Thanksgiving Holiday Weekend

I give great Thanks to the wonderful husband I have.  We have been going thru some rough times with one of our children the past few months.  My parents were in town the week prior and my mom got me inspired to start my painting up again. The wonderful husband that I have allowed me to veg at in my studio from Wednesday after I got off of work until Sunday night.  It felt great.  I dabble in small things.  12x12 canvas board.  It was fun....but my passion for bigger canvas was starting to boil over by Friday night.  So Saturday I bought 38 canvas.  Not real big....16x20's.....but big enough for a step up.  When I finish those, I will get to my love....x-large gallery wrapped canvas.  My head is just explaoding with ideas.  I start on one project and my brain is already on the next idea.  So, I have to sketch them out in order to stay focus on the one I am working on.  I love it!  I love this.  Painting makes me happy.  I am less stressed.  I Thank my wonderful hsuband for giving me that time to recollect.