About Me!

I was born and raised in Topeka Ks.  It seems as if I was brought into this world with a paint brush in hand. My mother always had an 'art nook' of sorts, where she would escape into her own painting world. I spend a lot of time hanging around that 'nook', watching and learning.

As an adult, I too had a ‘nook’ where I would go to create works of art over the years. I am now in a large studio space and I love it!  My goal is to one day have a gallery of my own and invite emerging artist to showcase their spectacular art!

Through the years, I have lived in Colonial Heights, VA and Phoenix, AZ but for the past 12 years I have called Fort Worth, TX my home. I attended the University of North Texas where I studied Graphic Design.  I took a leave from college to raise my growing family.

My husband and I are quite literally a modern day ‘Brady Bunch.’ He had 2, I had 3 and together we have 2. Yep - together we have 7 kiddos! To say we are busy is an understatement. However, in between all our busy days hold.....I still have my studio time.  My husband is very supportive in my work and helps me find ways to get more studio time and then there are days you can catch 3 or 4 of us in the studio painting as a family! I am very lucky to have a large studio in home!

Studio time is my escape. This is where I go to find peace and let my thoughts flow freely. In my day job I have to be organized and logical, so at night....I let it all go and let the weight of the world lift and I relax as paint flows between my fingertips! 

My husband, our children, my parents, brothers and all my family......without them, I am nothing.  To all of them....my work is dedicated. I am truly blessed and without HIM.....none of this is possible.


The LOVE of my life and our kids...oldest to youngest.

The LOVE of my life and our kids...oldest to youngest.

My Statement

Accountant by day....Artist by night ~ a perfect blend of both my parents; my dad a successful entrepreneur and my mom a free spirited artist. 

I am organized yet creative, focused yet free thinking. One word that more accurately describes me is......innovator! I am continuously looking for ways to change or improve the way things are done, at both my office job and in my studio. I have pushed the envelope in a direction where not many have ventured, turning plain acrylic paint into sculpted 3D paintings. My paintings have sculpturesque quality to them.  I call them 'Sculptured Paintings".

My application of acrylic is constantly evolving, much like sailing unchartered waters....and it is super exciting! I love the 3D effect that is created, being able to see the beauty of a piece emerge at various angles. I feel my paintings come alive and ‘literally’ stand out above the rest. I strive to create works that are unique enough to spark a conversation and styled enough to be displayed in your home.

Ironically, most of my paintings start off with an accident. One example of this is the Metallico Fiero Series. Something didn't go as planned, but I was able to see beyond that and turn it into something creative, original, unique and inspiring. Each piece pushes the limits further and further away from the main stream.

Some of my work is created with and by powerful emotions, much like my Torn Canvas Series. These pieces are created with feeling, each thought and emotion directing the brush, orchestrating each stroke.  These paintings not are planned or envisioned, but rather they are born through a release of emotions, each with a unique story to tell.  

Fun Facts:
My favorite colors scheme is Red, Black, White and anything metallic.
My favorite tool is my fingers.  I only use a paint brush if I must.
My favorite canvas size is 10x30x1.5.
During the day I listen to music when the sun goes down….TV comes on.
Favorite time to work 8pm – midnight…The house is calm.

My motto:  Just Acrylic?  Yep...100%!  Pushing the limits and watch what happens!